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Example input:

Welcome to, where you can easly get answers to your most intriguing questions. Register, to gain access to advancet functionality. Help others by adding NetBlink bot to your clontact list in your favourite messenger. If you want to know more about the site read how it works. If you want to know what queries you can use read commands article  

Helpig others

If you want to start your adventure with all you need to do is add bot to your contacts in your favourite instant messanger. On the list below you can check what is the user ID or number to use when communicating with contact details:

Goole Talk
Gadu-Gadu 21035061
Skype not yet implemented

From that moment on you will receive questions asked on website. If you know the answer or know something that might help the author of the question replay to it in your instant messanger and it will be instantly shown on the website.

Receiving questions from the categories chosen by user

If you have knowledge in specific areas, it is worth to register. Registered users can use user panel to select categories from which they want to receive questions. You'll be able to specify how often you want to receive questions and what languages you can speak. Also If you have more than one communicator you can specify which one to use.

Most helpful answers

After registering you can check which of your answers were the most helpful for users. You can also browse statistics, check points for helping people and configure more than one IM client.