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Welcome to, where you can easly get answers to your most intriguing questions. Register, to gain access to advancet functionality. Help others by adding NetBlink bot to your clontact list in your favourite messenger. If you want to know more about the site read how it works. If you want to know what queries you can use read commands article general information is a service focused on helping people get answers to their questions in the shortest possible time. Thanks to innovative use of internet communicators it creates a network of people, who have knowledge of specific subjects and want to share this knowledge with others. Thanks to the potential of community you will get answers to your questions as soon as possible. In three simple steps you can ask and get immediate response.

Asking questions

To get the best response to your question you need to complete 3 simple steps. The exception are questions asked by the command for example: currency conversions, units conversion, translations, and many other. Read the detailed description of all commands and use them for free every day.