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Our products

NetBlink company take a handful of the latest technologies to provide users of its services, innovative solutions. Thanks to his credit, we have implemented a number of projects that make the Internet better. provides you with real-time prices and availability, meaning were providing you with the best, up-to-date deals. The price you see on screen includes government taxes and airport fees, enabling you to quickly find the flight that best fits your needs. compares over 140 well-known airlines and suppliers, bringing you the best possible price, saving you the hassle of having to do it yourself. All results are displayed in price order, which make it quicker for you to find the cheapest deal available. also provides hotel and airport guides, and weather forecasts, helping to make it easier to plan your perfect holiday. We even have our own travel blog, which provides you with advice and insider travel information.

Pisanie Bezwzrokowe is an online course that makes learing of touch typing a pleasure. Easy and fun way to learn how to write without looking at the keyboard. Entire course is free without the need to install additional software.
Pisanie Bezwzrokowe also has:
  • Carefully prepared lessons
  • Intuitive exercise tool
  • Motivation system
  • Assessments and suggestions
  • Progress control
  • Large selection of texts

Check out how quickly you can type on the keyboard. Practice your skills, challenge others and become a touch typing master. is a highly innovative project which will be launched by NetBlink by the end of 2010. allows users to access inbuild online applications using only web browser. Applications are installed on a central server without the need of installing any software on user PC. Site provides configurable user interface. Project financed by the European Union.